2014 Honda Forza Scooter review

2014 Honda Forza Scooter review

The 2014 Honda Forza Scooter is a brand new spic and span 300cc class bike having the same resemblance with the PCX150 and also the Silver Wing stable mates. It has swooping bodywork which is spherical and also angular at times providing a new look to the developers.

2014 Honda Forza Scooter review4

2014 Honda Forza Scooter review

The Honda’s new Forza is also a scooter that is way ahead of what you would think a scooter can be. It has great power that can carry the rider and the passenger on a highway due to powerful all new engine. It also bridges the gaps between practical and luxurious. It is good for transportation that anyone would enjoy either you are using it for errand running, commuting or even going around town.

The powering of the 2014 Honda Forza Scooter is a liquid cooled 4 stoke 279cc Single that is well stashed beneath its body work aspect of the metal which is double sided swing arm. This Honda is a programmed fuel injection system and do deliver the fuel through a solitary overhead 4 valve flick via the oversquare mill. It has a 73mm by 62, 6 metric linear unit bore and stroke.

2014 Honda Forza Scooter review3

Anti Lock Braking System

This Honda has an Anti-Lock Braking system as its standard equipment. Its Combined Braking System with the Anti-Lock Braking System offers an optimized balance usually at the front and rear brake forces and also the control of the ABS which enables the rider to halt with confidence even on wet or the dirty road surfaces.

A lot of power

The 2014 Honda Forza Scooter has a liquid cooled fuel injected 279cc engine that provides user enough power which is allowed for all highway use.

CVT Automatic Transmission

This Forza has a CVT automatic transmission meaning there is no need of shifting. All you need to do is starting it up and going. This feature also allows you to experience an automatic shifting.

2014 Honda Forza Scooter review2

Under seat storage

The storage area is big enough to allow you to store 2 face helmets of even some groceries. It is also resistant to any kind of weather and also very secure.

This scooter has a 3 gallon storage tank thus you will not keep on stopping for fill ups. This Honda is also easy to start since it has a reliable electric start which is combined with fuel injections ensuring that there is a free starting of engine with no hassles especially in the cold mornings. It also has a lower floating link which usually minimizes the engine vibration.

2014 Honda Forza Scooter review


This Honda averages at a price of is $5,599, which is as expensive as the average long distance competitor in 2014.

The Honda Forza scooter latest model was released in 2014.

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