2015 Honda Bulldog motorcycle

The model was established with the concept “Lovable Exploring Partner,” and was designed to surpass the limits of typical leisure motorcycles, to proactively take pleasure in outdoor life.

2015 Honda Bulldog motorcycle Review

Below is an unique idea motorcycle by Honda that could merely stimulate your passion. It looks improved enough to be made use of on the streets, and yet it has that feeling of ruggedness which would not see it out of place when dealing with a dust path.

2015 Honda Bulldog motorcycle1

The 2015 Honda Bulldog takes place to be designed to be the ideal touring partner. It will have a liquid-cooled, 4-stroke DOHC inline 2-cylinder 400cc engine, 15-inch large tires, a bargain seat, a built-in provider, in addition to a six-speed transmission gone along with by a number of headlights. The whole shebang would certainly show up in an underrated teal and also black layer of paint, with incorporated storage space on either side of the gas tank.


The Honda Bulldog is just one of one of the most unconventional concept bikes. The exposed framework, painted in exactly what appears like a faded eco-friendly coating, gives it that sturdy and also practical ambiance. On the other hand, the chunky plastic engine covers offers it an odd character that somehow works.

2015 Honda Bulldog motorcycle
The bike additionally rides on 15-inch wheels that are covered in thick off-road tires. It likewise has tiny shelfs just above the headlamps and behind the seat and also a brief profile revealed by its instead short 28-inch seat height.


The 2015 Bulldog is powered by a 400 cc DOHC inline-twin engine that creates around 52 horsepower and 28 pound-feet of torque. Note that the out I pointed out is just an educated assumption based upon various other bikes sporting the very same engine size.

2015 Honda Bulldog motorcycle2


It’s still an idea so don’t anticipate any sort of pricing details to be released anytime soon. But if I were to make an enlightened assumption, a manufacturing Bulldog might come with a price of around $5,000 or close to list price of the Honda CB400F.

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