2018 Honda N-Box Price and Release date

The 2018 Honda N-Box will be made exclusively for the Japanese market – rather, it is built by Japanese standards for Japanese people. Everyone else are welcome to buy it, although they’ll be doing it on their own recognizance. This will be a Kei car, which means it’s small, even by Japanese standards, and the only thing that’s high is the rooftop, giving the vehicle a peculiar look. Although it is not meant for kids or anything, many adults in Japan actually prefer this type of vehicle, so the sales of the upcoming models should be interesting.

Release Date of Honda N-Box 2018

The 2018 Honda N-Box will appear in Japan, in the second quarter of 2018, and even though the information is scarce, we could probably guess it will come out in three distinctive models, although it is much too soon to tell.

2018 Honda N-Box Concept Price and Release date4

2018 Honda N-Box Price

The base model of 2018 Honda N-Box should go for roughly $10,000. The others should fetch a higher price, of course.

Honda N-Box 2018 Exterior

From the outside, the 2018 Honda N-Box appears unique among other vehicles; there is no way you’ll confuse it for some other car. The square shape is not very aerodynamic, although it is very practical. The front fascia has been improved as well, so the new Honda appears bigger than it actually is.

2018 Honda N-Box Concept Price and Release date5

The basic color design will most likely include red and white or white on black. Overall, once it makes it to the market, you will realize that this car has a unique sense of style about it, albeit in a simplistic sense. Sharp and smooth lines, crimp on the back windows, chrome plated fuel top… There are a lot of details to make this car stand out, and it will.

Interior of Honda N-Box

The 2018 Honda N-Box will feature an upright dashboard which will offer you as much space as possible without jeopardizing the overall performances of the vehicle, or your driving experience. The apparatus bar is still set strangely, but we’ve become accustomed to it and even to the middle speaker.

2018 Honda N-Box Concept Price and Release date3

A lot of the interior from 2018 Honda is borrowed from its siblings, rather than developed exclusively for this vehicle alone, as it would not merit the time and resources required to do that – the sales are good, but not that good. The interior design can be adjusted in accordance with your needs so even though there are two pairs of seats, the back seats can be uprooted or modified as you desire.

2018 Honda N-Box Engine

The 2018 Honda N-Box will most likely feature a single engine with two force outputs, made per instructions from Honda, so they both have 660cc even though of them is turbocharged, resulting in a different power output.

2018 Honda N-Box Concept Price and Release date1

They should be able to dish out roughly 50 hp each, although the torque should reach 70 lb-ft, as it did on the previous models. Both engines will be using the same transmission, a CVT gearbox and the energy efficiency is the main selling point, so it should also be quite low in order to compensate for apparent lack of power.

You could get roughly get 25 km on 1 l of gasoline, which is pretty good, all things considered. So, even though you won’t be winning any street races with this little guy, he will be your best friend on the bustling city streets where traffic is slow and parking space is scarce. Just don’t mind the noise – N-Box can be quite loud for its size. Or class.

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